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To get information regarding a server you may play, please reference the SERVERS tab near the top of the page.


If you'd like to request a dedicated host, please refer to the FAQ tab, then send me an email via the contact tab.


All servers listed on this Apache use the IP:

If you'd like to join any of them, simply use that IP and the default port for the server.



Not all servers posted on this website are intended for public play. However you're still welcome to join them.


This website is still under maintainence. A lot of features and tools have yet to be added.


Free Unlimited Uploading

We're offering unlimited/unrestricted uploading. This service is gaurenteed and will remain free as long as it doesn't become too popular.


No accounts are required but will be optional.

Anonymous uploads will be managed by the uploader's IP address.


Currently there are two methods of uploading/download, one method is to use our executable:

[E-NU]. The other method is to use the web-based version.


Currently [E-NU] is the preffered method. The web-based uploader lacks a LOT of features that

[E-NU] has.


[E-NU] requires Netframes 4.5 to operate, alternatively you can use the older version of [E-NU] that only requires Netframes 2.0. It can be found here.